To Whom It May Concern,

As a church family, we acknowledge that our care, compassion and message leave us vulnerable to those who desire to exploit perceived "easy target" access. In order to protect our people and foster safety and a sense of safeness, we sought to address this issue through training. We first heard of Jon's work with Force Dynamics through members of our church and church leadership team and scheduled him to do "critical incidence response training" in the fall of 2015.

The three hour training was held on a Saturday morning and was well attended (about 40 people). Those in attendance included retirees, school teachers, young mothers as well as those in college. Jon did an excellent job of informing and inspiring the group as we respond to our times. He was clear and informed and displayed a great deal of patience in answering questions. He also made himself available after the training to speak with those who had any questions or concems.

We highly recommend Jon and the training that he does. We are hoping to invite him back in early Summer to train us further. 

Pastor Nathan Zakahi

Sunnyside Grace Brethren Church

I would like to take the time to say, "thank you" to Jon Ladines for making Toppenish School District a very safe place to educate our children, and for providing an excellent training to all our staff. Jon has given our staff tools and confidence that will pay dividends in case of an emergency or active shooter situation. He has provided us with advanced 21st century cutting edge methodology training that can be used in an emergency situation or an ective shooter crisis.

He also has done an excellent job of ongoing training for our concealed administrative staff. He has a plethora of good information as well as an awesome training techniques which our people appreciate dearly. I believe he was part of history in providing certification for the first school district to be concealed certified in the country. He always emphesizes safety first. The countless hours that our staff has spent with Jon has changed the culture in our district to a sheepdog mentality, "whatever it takes to protect our children." We are most appreciative of his passion and expertise.

John M. Cerna, Superintendent, Toppenish School District

To whom this may concern,

The GAP training provided by Force Dynamics had a very positive impact on our entire staff. It changed the way we thought and the way we plan to handle intruder situations in our buildings. The training shifted our thought process from being very reactive to being extremely proactive in protecting the lives of both staff and students. A few staff members made comments after the training that it was one of the best trainings they had ever received and they felt that all schools should have the same training. We now have a very proactive mindset to protect ourselves and our students should somebody come into our schools and attempt to do harm.


Steve Quick
Superintendent Oroville School District 

Dear fellow pastors and church leaders,

I am pleased to recommend the services of Jon Ladines, as it relates to ministry- driven security in a church setting. Jon has developed and led our security team at our church for several years now. I especially appreciate how he has trained our team to recognized that their priority is not security as much as it is ministry and prayer.

Because of his experience as a law officer and security consultant, Jon is very well versed in security strategies, technology and systems. He has developed policies and training that have done a great job to prepare our lay men and women to feel comfortable providing security for our many ministries.

I would encourage any church to use his services. He has been a gift to us and we appreciate the professionalism and spiritual maturity that he has brought to our security challenge.


Pastor Brent Hulett, DMin


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