Hospital  Training

Gap training is available for all hospital and medical facility staff to ensure a safer enviorment inside a hospital facility and to re-educate them on a real world, survivable response to an active shooter or any critical incident.

The concepts of "Gap" are the same regardless of the facility however, techniques may vary depending on location, building layout, employee job description, types of patients being cared for etc. 

Once a Hospital or medical facility is interested in training, we'll discuss training options for their specific needs and a custom training session will be designed for them based on the "Gap" theory and the Force Dynamics training model. 


The training for hospital staff will address the specific concerns surrounding hospitals and the obstacles they may encounter. We'll cover legal rights and concerns regarding current HEPA laws and how that can effect training for staff and also legal liability issues that may arise when dealing with the issues of active shooter response inside of a medical facility.