Church Training

As we know, churches around the world have been the target of attacks for thousands of years but it has become more prominant around the world and inside the United States over the last 20 years and the intensity of the attacks are increasing.

The need for trained staff whether armed or not, inside of churches to fill the "Gap" from when an incident occurs and when the Police arrive is becoming paramount.


"Gap Training" for churches has been modified specifically for church staff and adheres to Biblical principals and scriptures and the teachings of Christ in regards to the protection of the innocent. 


The Watchmen program was developed in 2004 and is based off of the duties of the Watchmen described in Ezekiel 33. This program has been implemented in many churches across the United States through Force Dynamics.


This training is designed for a select group of men and women inside the church, to have the skills to be able to effectively respond to any critical incidence until either medical personnel or Law enforcement arrives.


This is not necessarily an armed position but can be depending on the current local and state laws of each individual state and the decision of the church leadership. The regular duties of a Watchman is to walk through the church during scheduled functions, continually pray for the pastoral staff and keep a watchful eye on the congregation, children's wing and nursery to assure that no one without proper authority can just walk in unchecked. Watchmen are the immediate protection of the congregation during an event that needed a law enforcement response and would protect lives until Law Enforcement arrives.