Jon Ladines was born 1971 and raised in Seattle Washington where he began wrestling and martial arts training at a young age. After years of training, he opened his own training studio and continued to train and instruct in the South Seattle area until he was hired by the Washington State Patrol in 1999. Jon studied Tae-Kwon-do, Ka-jukenbo and Brazilian Jujitsu and became an expert in weapons trapping and disarming. He now uses his years of experience in his training through Force Dynamics Security Consulting. 


After being hired by the WSP, Jon graduated from the WSP academy and worked as a Washington State Trooper in the Sunnyside Detachment. He was selected as an instructor in Firearms, defensive tactics, Taser, Baton, OC-10 (Pepper spray), Handcuffs, riot control and Active Shooter Response. He later tested and was selected to be a member of the WSP SWAT team where he received more detailed training in firearms and tactical training, Clandestine Lab response, Active shooter response, Counter Terrorism training, Weapons of mass destruction (biological and conventional) through T.E.R.T. (Technical Emergency Response Training and Emergency preparedness) in Alabama. This was a Department of Homeland Security sponsored training for SWAT teams. 


After serving 10 years with the Washington State Patrol, Jon was hired by the City of Richland Police Department where he was immediately brought on to the departments instructor cadre. He again was an instructor in firearms, Taser, OC-10 (Pepper spray), Baton, Defensive Tactics, PPCT (Pressure Point Control Tactics) and handcuffs. He also instructed active shooter response for responding officers.

In 2009, Jon began teaching private firearms classes to civilian groups and as that began to grow,  he was specifically requested to work with schools in helping various districts with re-organizing lockdown procedures, response to an active shooter and overall safety of the schools. As he began to get more involved in helping these schools work through their deficiencies in active shooter response and lockdowns, he realized there is a need nationwide to re-look at the current policies and address the tactics that simply just do not work during an active shooter/critical incident response situation. After, years of training with some of the best active shooter instructors in the country, Jon designed the "Gap" training system and implemented it through Force Dynamics. 


After working with districts around Washington State in implementing this new system into the schools, Jon decided to leave Law Enforcement after nearly 15 years and work with schools, Hospitals and Churches exclusively.


Since he launched Force Dynamics in 2009, then full time in 2012, Jon has been extremely busy traveling the U.S. Central America, giving seminars for Gap training, Firearms and Tactical Training, demonstrations to schools, Hospitals, Churches and other various civic groups, private businesses and Corporations. This system is being adopted nation wide and is surpassing the current training methods being used because of the scientific background and known success it produces. 


Force Dynamics Security Consulting is based in Grandview Washington and provides Security Consulting , Active Shooter/Critical Incident Response and firearms training throughout the United States and International Firearms and Personal Defense training.