Active Shooter Response 

Firearms Training /Security Consultations

Force Dynamics is owned and operated by Jon Ladines. Jon is a former Law Enforcement/SWAT Officer, instructor and expert in Active Shooter/Critical Incidence Response and has worked with school districts all over Washington State since 2009. He has designed and implemented the "Gap" Active Shooter Response System in schools, churches and hospitals with an overwhelmingly positive response. He is also a certified tactical firearms/long gun instructor. Force Dynamics will bring any training offered to any location in the United States.  

Active Shooter Training

Force Dynamics is one of the premere active shooter training companies in the Northwest. "Gap" training takes a realistic and very real world approach to correctly responding to an active shooter inside any facility to include schools, churches, Hospitals and other facilities. Learning to properly lock down, fortify and defend are the key factors in surviving an attack. 

Hospital Security/Soft Restraint Training

Due to the increasing violence inside hospitals, Force Dynamics has been sought out for very specific active shooter/lock down training for hospital staff and training staff in more of a security capacity while on duty. Force Dynamics has also trained hospital nursing staff in proper soft restraint training to avoid negative civil litigation and to protect the staff as well as the patient from injuries.  

Firearms Training

The Force Dynamics Firearms training program was set up in 2009, giving law enforcement level training to civilian who wish to learn how to use a firearm at any level. With the many years of Law Enforcement and SWAT firearms and tactical experience, Force Dynamics offers the highest degree of firearms training for all levels.

Security Consulting/Active Shooting Seminars

Force Dynamics offers full security consultations for businesses and other corporations. The consultation will be a full inspection of the grounds and facility completed with a written report on the findings. Jon also travels all over the Northwest giving seminars to various medical groups, school districts and churches primarily on active shooter response and violence in the workplace scenarios. 

Church Security Training "Watchmen"

The "Watchmen" program was set up in 2004 and was designed to begin implimenting and training a special team of selected church members in more of a security capacity due to the increasing number of violent attacks happening inside churches today. The teams are trained in personal defense, reading body language, some firearms training and other security duties. This programs has been highly successful and is being implemented in churches all over the Northwest.

Personal Defense Training

With over 39 years in martial arts and over a decade as a Law Enforcement defensive tactics instructor with two agencies, Jon Ladines has developed a personal street defense system that is a real world approach, simple and based off of gross motor skill. Weapons trapping/disarming, edged weapons and the science behind these arts are taught extensively.