Active Shooter Response


Jon Ladines, Founder/Owner of FORCE DYNAMICS, provides real world Active Shooter/Critical Incident Response Training for School Districts, Hospitals, Churches and private security companies around the Country.

He also specializes in basic to advanced level Firearms Training, Self Defense Courses and Security Consulting for businesses. Jon has traveled and given hundreds of seminars as an expert in Active Shooter/Critical Incidence Response and security consultation.  


Force Dynamics was created in 2009 after on going requests to provide real world Active Shooter training for school districts who do not have an effective plan of action for their schools. The "Gap" training was developed with the idea that there is always a time gap from when the suspect enters and when the police actually contact the suspect. The "Gap time" is the critical key most other trainings miss. What do YOU do before Law Enforcement arrives?


Jon spent 15 years in Law enforcement and has an extensive background in Firearms and Defensive Tactics Instruction, Active Shooter Instructor, Tactical SWAT Operator and more.


Everything taught through Force Dynamics is science based training and deals with the psychological mindset of a shooter and the victims. This training has proved to be one of the most effective training methods for teaching active shooter response to school, church and Hospital staff in the country!


The vision of Force Dynamics is to teach anyone that they can have the means and ability to protect their schools, churches, Hospitals or defend others where ever they may be, regardless of age, gender or ability. Changing the perception or the way we think about protection is fundamental in creating safer environments. Once the mindset is changed, then implementing to proper tools becomes much more effective.

  • Full seminar/presentations on Active Shooter Response and Violence in the work place

  • "Gap Training" or Active Shooter Response Training for Schools, Churches, Hospitals for unarmed staff.

  • Corporate Business Security Consultations

  • ​Basic Firearms Courses, concealed carry courses

  • Advanced Level Firearms Courses-Tactical Pistol and Rifle 

  • ​Personal Defense/Weapons trapping and Disarming Courses

  • ​40 hour Basic Pistol Training Course for Schools Districts planning to arm staff 

  • ​40 hour Basic Rifle Training Course for Schools wishing to have armed and certified staff trained in the use of Tactical Rifles

  • Full Security Audit and written manual of any facility and property